1985 – 1991 The very early days

As early as 1985, the then Environmental Technologies Division of Center Technische Handelsgesellschaft, Center Umwelt, started work as the regional distributor of Thermo Environmental Instruments Inc., a division of Thermo Electron. Center Umwelt was one of the first European companies to take on the business of Air Quality Monitoring (AQM), when air quality related health issues and acid rain were already an issue but little guidance existed legally regarding the measurement of the relevant pollutants.

In 1988 Center Umwelt designed and installed the first modern Air Quality Monitoring Network at the industrial site of Zakłady Azotowe Kędzierzyn S.A. (ZAK) in Poland and AQM-Systems were installed in all countries of our region.

1991 – 2000 Ysselbach Umwelttechnik

In 1991 the environmental division was spun off to become Ysselbach Umwelttechnik. Among many others, the major environmental projects supplied by the new company were:

  • The Czech Air Quality Monitoring Network – AQMN (then a total of 95 AQMS)
  • The AQMN of Fundacija Armaag in Northern Poland
  • Mobile Emission Monitoring Systems in Hungary (first PHARE Project 1993)
  • Background AQM Systems in Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary

In 1995 Ysselbach Umwelttechnik partnered with Thermo Detection on the distribution of their EGIS Explosives Trace Detection System, the first detector system of its kind worldwide, thus kick-starting the formation of a new product division, Security Technologies.

Customer service and technical supports have always been at the heart of our activities and newly founded regional offices in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary supported these activities locally.

2000 – 2021 EAS Group

In 2000 Ysselbach was transformed into the EAS Group in the course of a friendly management buy-out, thus becoming the group of companies EAS is today.

Both divisions, Environment and Security, have since continued to grow and gathered strength. EAS, meanwhile partnering with Teledyne-API, has become one of the leading suppliers of environmental projects (co-)funded by the European Union (PHARE, EuropeAid, and others). Technologies for Quality Assurance and Control (QA/QC) have enhanced the portfolio of our products.

As regional distributor of Leidos Security Detection & Automation and other leading manufacturers, the Security Division has since become a leading supplier of security products and systems to more than 20 international airports in the region including major hubs such as Frankfurt Airport (FRA), Vienna International Airport (VIE), Munich Airport (MUC) and many others.

With more than 50 technical engineers and support staff, EAS has become a preferred partner for government authorities, airports and the industry in our region. New offices in Germany have since strengthened our local customer support and have become a driving part of our network.

After more than 30 years we are still growing and are always open for new talent, ideas and concepts. Our history has always been the history of our employees, customers, friends and partners. They have been writing our story and will continue to do so. If you want to become part of this story, please do check our Career section for current job offers or contact us directly.

New major projects supplied and supported to date include



  • Modernization of the Czech AQMN
  • AQMN of Carinthia in Austria
  • Modernization of the Emission Monitoring Network in Hungary
  • The Serbian AQMN
  • AQMN of Macedonia and Albania
  • AQMN of the Marmara Region in Turkey (Istanbul and surrounding region)
  • New AQMN in Slovakia
  • New AQMN of Lebanon
  • … and many more



  • Hold Baggage Screening at all Austrian Airports
  • Hold Baggage Screening at Prague and Bratislava Airport
  • Security Scanners for People Screening at 9 international Airports in Germany (including FRA, MUC, DUS, HAM)
  • Explosives Trace Detection Systems at 9 major international airports
  • 24/7 Maintenance, Service and Support and Hot-Line Services
  • … and many more
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