Environment Solution

Gas Analyzers

The EAS Group is the regional Distributor of Teledyne API (TAPI), the undisputed world leader in the development and manufacture of environmental monitoring instrumentation.

Today TAPI is the leading provider of instruments and systems for monitoring criteria pollutants (SO2, NOx, O3, CO) and a technology-based company focused on providing worldwide environmental monitoring solutions. Over the years, TAPI has expanded its technology base beyond the criteria pollutants to include not only full line of ambient air monitoring equipment but stack gas monitoring instrumentation as well.

The unrivalled corporate background of the Teledyne Group provides TAPI with a unique research and development capability thus being able to spearhead the new trends and technology directions in environmental monitoring.


Analyzers for Sulfur Compounds

Gas Model Applications
SO2 Sulfur Dioxide T100U Trace level; Ultra Sensitive
T100 Ambient level: EN Equivalency, Dilution CEM
T100H High level; Extractive CEM
H2S Hydrogen Sulfide T101 Ambient level
TRS Total Reduced Sulfur T102 Ambient level
TS Total Sulfur T108U Ultra Sensitive
T108 Ambient level

Analyzers for Nitrogen Compounds

Gas Model Applications
NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide T500U Trace level; Ultra-sensitive, Fast response ‘True NO2
NO, NO2, NOx, O3 Nitrogen Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Ozone T204 Ambient level; EN Equivalency
NO, NO2, NOX Nitrogen Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide T200U Trace level; Ultra-sensitive
T200 Ambient level; EN Equivalency, Dilution CEM
T200M Medium level; Dilution CEM, Turbines
T200H High level; Extractive CEM
NO-NO2 Nitrogen Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide T200UP Trace level; Ultra-sensitive ‘True NO2
NOY Reactive Oxides of Nitrogen T200U/NOy Trace level; Ultra-sensitive
NH3 Ammonia T201 Ambient level
N2O Nitrous Oxide T320U Trace level; Ultra-sensitive
T320 Medium level; Medical, Semi-conductor

Analyzers for Carbon Compounds

Gas Model Applications
CO Carbon Monoxide T300U Trace level; Ultra-sensitive
T300 Ambient level, EN Equivalency
T300M High level, CEM, Process
CO2 Carbon dioxide T360U Trace level; Ultra-sensitive
T360 Ambient level, EN Equivalency
T360M Mid-Range
T801 CEM
Option, Add-in* Process, CEM
CO2/O2 T803 CEM

Analyzers for Oxygen Compounds

Gas Model Applications
O3 Ozone T265 Ambient level, EN Equivalency
T400 Ambient level, EN Equivalency
O2 Oxygen T802 CEM
Option, Add-in* Process, CEM

Calibration Equipment

Gas Model Applications
All gases T700U Gas Calibrator; Trace level
T700 Gas Calibrator
T700H Gas Calibrator; Stack Testing
701* Zero Air Generator
701H* High Performance Zero Air Generator
T750 Portable Gas Calibrator
T750U Trace Level Portable Gas Calibrator
701* Zero Air Generator
701H* High Performance Zero Air Generator
751* Portable Gas Calibrator
751H Portable Zero Air Generator
702* Gas Calibrator
O3 Ozone T703 O3 Calibrator
T703U O3 Calibrator; Trace level
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