Security Solutions for Airports

Hold Baggage Screening

Leidos Security Detection & Automation is the world's leading manufacturer of compliance inspection of checked passenger baggage at airports worldwide. The EAS Group have many years of experience in integrating Leidos systems into autmatic baggage handling systems at airports of all sizes to meet regulatory requirements in the EU or in ECAC member states. We also install separate systems for out-of-gauge luggage and EDS x-ray inspection system in stand-alone configurations for lobby screening.

Major international hubs, local and regional passenger terminals, transit systems and airports around the globe rely on Leidos screening systems to minimize security risks while meeting demanding throughput, infrastructure and cost requirements.

Working with the agencies and professionals charged with keeping people moving freely and safely, Leidos leads the way in developing cutting-edge solutions to increasingly challenging and sophisticated threats.

With unbeatable baggage handling rates and exceptional threat recognition, our inspection technologies offer superior detection, performance and reliability across the spectrum of passenger terminal security applications. Leidos Hold Baggage Screening X-ray systems meet the requirements and certification demands of the US-TSA, EU, ECAC, ICAO and other national and international authorities.

Whether moving on wings, wheels or rails, the flow of passenger traffic keeps going while threats are pinpointed quickly and accurately.

Please contact us for assistance in planing, design and installation of bespoke solutions for your requirements.

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