People and Checkpoint Screening


A high-throughput, high-resolution screener aligned to emerging regulatory and operational requirements

Aviation regulatory requirements are evolving and creating challenges for traditional X-ray scanners. Smaller and emerging threats like homemade explosives (HMEs) are of increasing concern. New regulatory guidelines that include the lifting of restrictions for liquids in cabin baggage will greatly benefit travelers but place a greater burden on security equipment. This is all occurring in an airport environment where throughput demands are increasing and operational budgets are under pressure.

The Leidos ClearScan cabin baggage screener uses CT technology and advanced algorithms to deliver the highest level of explosives threat detection at an unprecedented false alarm rate. The system is designed to detect solid and liquid explosives, as well as HMEs, to the latest European EDS (explosives detection systems) for cabin baggage standards without the need for any divestment. This offers the highest level of passenger convenience, allowing for liquids and electronics to be kept in cabin baggage. High-resolution EU image-quality compliant 2D imaging assists operators in finding prohibited items and weapons quickly.

The system is designed to have the smallest footprint of any available CT, making it easy to integrate into existing checkpoints. When combined with an automatic diverter, a tray return system and optional remote screening, significant airport operational costs can be saved with reduced staffing while enhancing the checkpoint’s throughput rate.


  • Integrated checkpoint solution
  • High-throughput/low false alarm rate
  • Fits in tight checkpoint areas
  • Flexible ConOps
  • Solid & liquid explosives and  HME detection
  • EU/ECAC Type EDSCB Standard 3 approved
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