Hold Baggage Screening

eXaminer 3DX

The TSA-certified eXaminer 3DX sets the standard for precision, reliability and user-friendliness. eXaminer's revolutionary multi-slice CT imaging technology generates full 3-D imaging for unsurpassed accuracy and outstanding material discrimination. Plus with the best-in-class in-line throughput of any TSA-certified system, eXaminer is the most advanced EDS of its kind.

Flexible and networkable, the eXaminer can be used as a fully integrated in-line system, as part of a partially integrated system or as a stand-alone unit.

In addition to the TSA, the eXaminer’s landmark technology has been certified by some of the world’s most security-minded countries.

  • Meets or exceeds TSA standard Threat Mass Detection requirement
  • Continuous in-line movement handles bags to 300lbs/136kg
  • Operates with standard electrical power
  • Weighs significantly less than other high-throughput TSA-certified systems
  • EU STAC Standard 3 approved
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