Cargo Screening


L-3’s CX-Gantry sets a new performance standard. It delivers full target coverage with the highest penetration and resolution for the ultimate in image quality. With optional dual energy material discrimination that illustrates organics from inorganic materials and metals, operators can work more efficiently and effectively.

The CX-Gantry enables maximum confidence in security and customs inspections of vehicles and cargo containers at land and seaport borders and other high threat facilities. From fully loaded 18-wheelers to ISO intermodal shipping containers and air cargo ULD’s, analysts can identify threats, contraband or misrepresented goods anywhere on the vehicle or container.

The system is highly configurable with a range of energy levels, networking capabilities and menu of optional features. Plus you can count on L-3’s services and support teams to fully integrate the system into your workflow.


Preserving Privacy

The technology of this product ensures passenger privacy by highlighting threats and anomalies using a generic Mannequin (Avatar) that resembles a human outline. No images are generated - ever.

Safe Technology

Uses safe millimeter radio wave (MMW) technology. This product does not use X-rays or any ionizing radiation.

High Troughput

This product is built for high checkpoint throughput. A quick scan (less than 1.5 seconds) provides the data needed to confidently pass an individual through a checkpoint. Less than six seconds total processing time including scan and automatic decision. More than 300 people per hour may be processed, depending on the application. Reduces need for time-consuming and intrusive pat-down searches. Superior detection, high throughput, outstanding quality and reliability
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