Cargo Screening


L-3’s self-contained mobile X-ray unit provides ultimate flexibility for a broad range of security and enforcement applications. The CX-Mobile is ready for operation in minutes, making it the perfect solution for cargo inspection at land and seaport borders, military bases, events or temporary installations — wherever permanent inspection facilities are impractical or operational flexibility is critical.

The CX-Mobile is also highly configurable with a range of energy levels, networking capabilities and menu of optional scanning features. Designed for travel on public roads and highways, the system is available with a choice of truck options. Plus you can count on L-3’s services and support teams to fully integrate the system into your workflow.


Preserving Privacy

The technology of this product ensures passenger privacy by highlighting threats and anomalies using a generic Mannequin (Avatar) that resembles a human outline. No images are generated - ever.

Safe Technology

Uses safe millimeter radio wave (MMW) technology. This product does not use X-rays or any ionizing radiation.

High Troughput

This product is built for high checkpoint throughput. A quick scan (less than 1.5 seconds) provides the data needed to confidently pass an individual through a checkpoint. Less than six seconds total processing time including scan and automatic decision. More than 300 people per hour may be processed, depending on the application. Reduces need for time-consuming and intrusive pat-down searches. Superior detection, high throughput, outstanding quality and reliability
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