Air Cargo Screening

PX™ 18.18-MV

Designed as the ideal freight screening solution for air cargo, Leidos PX 18.18-MV can also be used in other environments such as seaports, warehouses, manufacturing centers and military bases.

With a 1.8 M x 1.8 M tunnel opening, the systems eliminate the need to unpack contents for inspection, accelerating screening of consolidated cargo in skids, pallets and ULDs while maintaining the highest levels of security. With high-energy scanning, 6-color imaging and Operator Assist detection (OA) capabilities operators have the comprehensive information and flexible controls needed to identify explosives, weapons, drugs or misrepresented goods.

The high-powered, multi-view X-ray systems are available in 200 & 320 kV ensuring best-in-class penetration and image quality.

The flexible systems have a powerful set of standard features that include:

  • Powerful, dual-view X-ray source delivers superior imaging performance and penetration
  • Dual-energy material discrimination
  • Innovative push-button operator interface
  • Real-time image manipulation
  • Image archiving

Additional options are available to customize the systems to suit your environment:

  • Threat Image Projection (TIP)
  • Multi-language support
  • Extended image archiving
  • Climate kit
  • Incremental conveyor lengths
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