Conventional X-Ray


Meet Leidos cargo workhorse, the sturdy PX-160P pallet inspection system. Ideal for screening high volumes of palletized freight or large boxed or crated items, the PX-160P handles oversized loads with ease. One operation is all it takes to screen an entire pallet, and there's no need to break contents down before inspection. The PX-160P makes it easier to confirm the contents of a shipment, detect tampering and eliminate security risks.

The PX-160P uses Leidos innovative X-ray screening technology to penetrate more than 27 mm of steel and produce best-in class imaging. The system’s 1.5 m wide by 1.65 m high tunnel opening accommodates packed pallets with ease. And the PX-160P makes forklift loading easier, thanks to a heavy-duty, dual-speed conveyor that holds up to 3,000 kg.

  • Highlight suspect areas with a full array of image enhancement tools.
  • Convenient heads-up operator controls for the best in user-friendliness.
  • Variable conveyor speeds add flexibility.
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