Conventional X-Ray

ACX™ 6.4-MV

The ACX™ 6.4-MV captures data from one, two or three views of a bag or object and provides operators with any two of the available high-quality images. Automated alerts enable airports and other high-security facilities to accurately detect threats, reduce false alarms and achieve rapid checkpoint throughput.

The highly compact, networkable ACX 6.4-MV integrates easily into existing operations and can be quickly upgraded in the field from one to two to three views. The three-view system interprets data from all three views to deliver enhanced explosives detection— including automated detection of liquids—enabling users to address emerging threats or regulations.

With a scan rate of more than 700 scans per hour, bags clear faster for improved flow, shorter lines and greater convenience for passengers. High-resolution images and automatic highlights of potential explosives help operators make better decisions quickly, reducing the number of repeat scans and hand inspections. With its small footprint, superior flexibility and state-of-the-art threat detection, the ACX 6.4-MV enables users to meet evolving regulatory standards, operate with maximum efficiency and protect checkpoint investments.

  • Automatic threat detection with powerful multi-view screening technology
  • Smallest footprint of any automated, multi-view X-ray checkpoint system
  • Outstanding checkpoint throughput
  • Integrates easily with existing equipment
  • Upgrade to more views in the field—in just hours
  • Rich networking capabilities
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