Conventional X-Ray

ACX 6.4

Blending Leidos advanced technology detection algorithms and high-clarity imaging, the ACX, with a tunnel opening of 640 mm wide by 430 mm high, scans briefcases, laptops, backpacks, packages and other small and medium-sized items with simultaneous X-ray imaging and advanced explosives detection technology to rapidly and accurately pinpoint explosives and other threats.

Built to perform in the most demanding and busy checkpoint environments, the versatile ACX easily integrates into your current security operations and footprint, and helps raise security levels without sacrificing throughput.

  • Simultaneous X-ray imaging and automated explosives detection.
  • Screens small and medium-sized objects for checkpoint applications.
  • Maintains same footprint as conventional X-ray systems.
  • Superior Transparent Color™ Image Processing.
  • Available in three conveyor lengths.
  • Patented heads-up operator display interface with touch pad control.
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