Conventional X-Ray

PX-231 Towcart

Grab-and-tow mobile X-ray screening capability, ready when you are. The PX-231 Towcart integrates the power and top-line imaging capability of Leidos PX-231 X-ray screening system in a mobile trailer that can be towed by a large car or 4-wheel drive vehicle.

In addition to handling large luggage and other types of checked baggage found at airports, the CX-231 screens freight in diverse sizes, from small parcels and packages to large cartons containing computer equipment or other hardware components. Ideal for use in airports, customs facilities, dockyards and remote locations, the Towcart brings the power and performance of the CX-231 where it’s needed, anywhere in the world.

  • The CX-231 Towcart can be configured for use anywhere in the world.
  • A petrol generator provides power to the X-ray system for use even in the most remote locations.
  • An ergonomic, weather-resistant control console makes operation comfortable and convenient.
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