Conventional X-Ray

Proscan 6.4c

Compact, Configurable, Cost Effective and Best Value Performance

The innovative ProScan 6.4c checkpoint X-ray system delivers an unbeatable combination of compact size and reduced weight, operational flexibility and best value performance. The ProScan platform is an evolution from the widely-deployed and reliable PX and LineScan series conventional X-ray lines, updated to reflect customers’ evolving needs. Compatible with Leidos ClearView networking solution, the ProScan 6.4c maximizes operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Across the range of critical infrastructure entry control point needs, the versatile ProScan 6.4c provides a reliable and economical solution. Operators can efficiently and accurately screen briefcases, backpacks, parcels, packages and other small to medium-sized objects.

High definition imaging and material discrimination by color coding facilitates the rapid detection of a range of threats and items of interest including weapons, narcotics, explosives and other contraband. High spatial resolution provides the ability to detect difficult items such as fine wires and electronic circuitry.

The ProScan 6.4c comes with an intuitive touch screen user interface. A choice among three conveyor lengths and bidirectional operation provide excellent operational flexibility to security managers and operators.



  • Threat detection
  • Contraband detection
  • Theft prevention
  • Regulatory compliance/inspection


The Leidos Advantage.
Building on the foundation of Leidos industry-leading technological innovations, the ProScan 6.4c inspection system offers best value detection, performance and reliability across the spectrum of entry control point security applications and is backed by Leidos world class support team.

Superb Image Resolution and Clarity
The advanced imaging capability of the ProScan 6.4c raises the standard for small-sized X-ray screening systems and delivers an array of features that give operators the information they need to clear suspicious items.

  • X-ray source optimized to deliver superb penetration, image resolution and clarity.
  • Best Image First™ feature automatically selects and presents the optimal view, enhancing throughput by reducing repetitive image adjustments.
  • TRI-MAT imaging allows operators to easily distinguish between organic/inorganic/metallic materials.
  • User-friendly image analysis tools include continuously adjustable contrast, sharpening and color overlay for maximum detection capability.

Flexible Operational Configuration
The ProScan 6.4c can be tailored to meet a range of needs.

  • User configurable interface on flat screen multi-touch display allows user configuration of preferences.
  • Bi-directional operation allows the system to be incorporated, without modification, into environments that require two-way screening such as mailrooms and loading docks.
  • Customizable user-defined Image Archiving (IA) stores over 400,000 images internally. Optional external storage provides additional capacity.

ClearView Networking Compatible
Leidos ClearView is a networking solution for streamlined, centralized monitoring; alarm escalation; management reporting; system management and complementary sensor integration.

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